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  Preparing for Cataract Surgery

Are you preparing for cataract surgery? You will only need about 20 minutes to go through the three simple steps on this page.  Those 20 minutes could change your life or save you thousands of dollars! You may want to get a pen and paper for taking notes.  


I am on sabbatical currently and not available to perform your surgery.   However, regardless of who your surgeon is, this page provides background information that will help you during your upcoming presurgical appointment.   Let’s get started!


There are three choices you need to consider before meeting with your surgeon.


1.  Do you want to treat presbyopia (the need for reading glasses)?  Special multifocal and extended depth of field lenses can do this.  Not everyone is a candidate for this technology. 

2.  If you are opting not to treat presbyopia, consider designing your vision by choosing the focal distance that is most important to you- distance, intermediate or near, and whether you want to extend your depth of focus with micro monovision.

3.  If you have been told in the past that you have astigmatism, consider taking this opportunity to minimize it through cataract surgery.

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