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Giving Back

Receiving the gift of vision through cataract surgery is an opportunity to reflect and be thankful.  Consider sharing your love by making a donation to one of the organizations listed below.  

                             Christopher Kuntz, MD


International Eye Charities


Below are organizations that provide eye care in less developed areas of  the world:


Surgical Eye Care Expeditions:   SEE International, based in Santa Barbara, CA helps volunteer surgeons from the United States go to the third world to perform cataract surgery.   Dr. Kuntz is a SEE surgeon.

Vision Outreach International: This organization is active in the Carribean and Central America.  


The Himalayan Eye Care Project has helped thousands of rural Himalayans see again with cataract surgery. If you are interested a more personal look at the Himalayan Eye Care Project and learning more about the community that is delivering eye care to the third world, consider reading Second Suns.  This is an up close and personal look at some of the people who have committed their lives to giving sight in less fortunate parts of the world. 

There are many other international organizations that are dedicated to preventing or curing blindness.  If you have a specific interest in a particular issue or part of the world, feel free to contact me and I will help you know your options.


Click here for pictures and text from Dr. Kuntz' June, 2017 surgical mission to the Dominican Republic with SEE and Vision Outreach International

Other Charities

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP):    I have seen first hand, both professionally and personally, the difficulties faced by our immigrant population.  Please consider assisting the NWIRP in their mission to bring families together and strengthen our community through cultural diversity. Together we can build a country in which all people are safe and valued. 

Earthshare:  The greatest long term threat to health and political stability is climate change and global warming.  The well established science behind this peril is currently under unprecedented challenge.


Consider doing your part to contribute to a solution! Earthshare is a collection of environmental organizations; you can peruse their list of members here.  

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